Our site is equipped with 24/7 Digital Surveillance camera systems. The cameras are placed throughout the property, providing necessary coverage of all activities

The images are captured and stored, enabling review of past data. 

 Access Control Systems

Our system allows only Notting Hill Self Storage customers into the property. Each individual customer is provided with unique access codes, authorising entry into the storage facility.

Individually Alarmed Storage Spaces

The Access Control System is also incorporated into a complex alarm system, which is connected to every single storage unit. This system provides the ultimate level of security within the self-storage industry.

Effectively, each storage unit has an alarm which is alarmed to protect when the customer is not on site.

Daily Lock Checks

At Notting Hill Self Storage, we undergo a routine lock check, every day. Our aim is to limit future issues from arising, as well as monitor the storage facility. We have developed a customary system to identify any faults, which are then rectified by our friendly staff members.


The padlocks available for purchase at Notting Hill Self Storage are uniquely available due to their ability to provide a safe and secure environment. The chosen locks are extremely durable 


We have implemented technology the provides our customers to enter the facility at all times. This provides for ease of access, 7 days a week.

This is fantastic for business owners who require access to facility both before and after work hours.

Access 7 days:

Unlike some alternative storage facilities, access to Notting Hill Self Storage is free. You are able to access whenever you want, for as long as you want, without any access fee.

Delivery Concierge Service

Your inbound and outbound deliveries can be handled by us, so you do not have to wait for drivers to arrive. We will sign for your deliveries to the Centre and ensure the driver unloads them appropriately. Your outbound packages can also be handled for pick-up by your courier.

Boxes & Packaging Materials

Cartons are available for purchase to help you organise your goods for storage or distribution. We have a huge range available, including plastic wrap and tapes.

Trolleys & pallet jack

These items are available at no charge to help you move large heavy awkward items, which can utilised on site at your convenience when moving in or out.


Confidential Lock-up Spaces

No other person is allowed access to your storage space, as you keep the keys to the padlock. Not even the storage facility will access your private space.

Your goods will be kept completely confidential, and your personal information with be censored too.

Range of sizes

 Unit Size                                 Square Meters                Cubic                       This Size Suits:                                                 

1.5 x 1.5  (toilet)                                2.25                                  5.4                         small items/boxes

2 x 1.5    (small Laundry)                 3                                       7.2                         declutter or student (some furniture)

3 x 2       (1/4 garage)                        6                                     14.4                         declutter (furniture, mattresses)

3 x 3       (1/2 garage)                        9                                     21.6                         1-2-bedroom house/unit

4 x 3       (3/4 garage)                       12                                    28.8                        2-bedroom house/unit

4.5 x 3    (large bedroom)                13.5                                32.4                         small 3-bedroom house

6 x 3       (single garage)                   18                                   43.2                         3-4-bedroom house

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